Profile : Ebou Faye

Friday, February 22, 2008

He was born in Banjul. This guy lived football all his life. He managed several clubs ranging from Division One to the 2nd Division. Eventually, he changed direction and entered in football administration.

He now occupies a high-ranking position in the Banjul Sports Committee. He was elected two years ago to this portfolio and he had helped his people achieve a lot of development in Banjul. Among them are:

The production of weekly journals communicated to all nawettan teams in his zone for updates on proceedings and latest information with regard to the smooth operation of the competitions.

Inter school football competitions serving as a nursery for teams in the Banjul Zone, the organisation of pre-season competitions for nawettan clubs and the late Eda Carr and late Demba Ndow trophies, the Promotion of female football in Banjul for the inclusion and development of women in sports and marketing strategies which accumulated a wide range of sponsorship in Banjul. This brought about the Gamcel deal of D75 000, Sports House package taking care of the Knock Out Trophy and the Banjul Zonal team, the Plymouth Banjul Challenge Project to rehabilitate the perimeter fence of the KG 5 mini stadium and a 5 million Dalasi project with Gamworks to develop the mini stadium. All these positive developments took effect in 2007.

Packages also benefited the Banjul zone from the Gambia Ports Authority, Jollof Tutors, MSTE and St. Mary’s Food and Wine Supermarket.

He has won so much trust, confidence and recognition in Banjul, hence sits on the position of General Secretary in the Banjul Sports Committee.

Source: The Point