Briton testifies in theft case

Monday, April 13, 2009
Karren Parkson, a British woman, on Thursday testified as prosecution witness in the ongoing house breaking and 3000 pounds theft involving two Sierra Leoneans, Moris Safa and Abdouram Ceesay, before the Bunding Magistrates court.

Testifying before Magistrate B.O Jobe, Karren Parkson informed the court that she resides in her compound in Kerr Serign. She went on to tell the court that on February 14, 2009, she was picked up at the Banjul International Airport by Abdouram Ceesay and his brother, Tijan Ceesay, and driven to her compound in Kerr Serign.

She said her luggage were then taken out from the vehicle to her bedroom by the second accused, Abdouman Ceesay and the brother, Tijan Ceesay whom she late presented with some gifts. According to her, while in her bedroom, Abdouram Ceesay requested that she should open the window, which he did himself.

She said they then left for Senegambia to have food and some drinks, “but upon our return to the compound, I  found my suitcase was open and items scattered on the floor and on the bed”. She further told the court that she also rushed to the cupboard were 3000 pounds was kept but found ou that the money had disappeared and the window broken. According to her, she then told Abdouram Ceesay to go and report the matter to the police but instead he returned with some soldiers.

She said on the following day she reported the matter to Kotu Police Station were two officers were assigned to go with her to the scene. The officers then took some photographs of the scene after she had given her statement to the police. At that juncture, police prosecutor, Sergeant Badjie then showed her the photos for confirmation which were then tendered and marked as exhibits in court.  Karren Parkson added that since then she had not recovered even a penny of her money.

The case was then adjourned to Tuesday April 21, to enable the prosecutor to bring his next witness. Meanwhile the first accused Moris Safa had pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentence at the end of the trial.
Author: by Salifu M. Touray