Saturday, January 19, 2008

The world is engulfed in violence as we bid 2007 goodbye and welcome 2008. The unfortunate killing of opposition leader former Prime Minister of Pakistan Ms. Benazir Bhutto was sucking and very horrible. Why? Was the immediate question on all peace loving people lips? Is it madness or sheer greed that some one or some people some where just wanted to see her dead ? Could it have been her opponents or others who are not necessary her political opponents?
Up to the time of going to press it’s not clear who are behind her behind which was done in a broad day light. But so far government of Pakistan have issued several conflicting statements, in an effort to clear the air that their hands are not stain with blood. The government first declares three days to mourn the killing of Ms. Bhutto. The interior ministry did say that they have clear evidence that Al- qaeda was behind her killing. The same statement said she died of a neck fracture and had not been hit by any bullet or shrapnel as reported earlier.
These reports go to show that there is something flimsy about the Musharrat government’s role in the killing of a very strong political opponent.

The streets of the capital city of Pakistan could be seen in flames, cars, buildings, and other properties destroyed, and not to talk about the lost of human lives. All in anger at the killing of a loved one. For a country like Pakistan, a developing country for that matter is not at all desirable.

This was followed by another madness, following the announcement of the presidential elections results of Kenya, another developing country for that matter. The elections were marred with lots of malpractice; even the EU observers and others did say that the election was not free and fair. However as in many countries on the content of Africa, the incumbent will, go any lengths to cling on to power.

It cannot be imaginable that a gap of over a million votes in favor of opposition leaders Raila Odinga could be closed over night leading to the announcement of president Muaye Kibaki as winner of the December elections. He was sworn in to office, the next day. The streets of Nairobi and other big cite were in flames. The Violence was so much that over 600 people were left dead and no body can actually quantify for the number of properties that were destroyed again for developing country like Kenya--- One would be tempted to ask whether its madness or greed? For nay person whether president or not to allow such to happen to the people you are suppose to govern.

It’s often said that, when one miss-uses power, no matter what, he/she will fear losing that same power. Is that what is the case in Kenya and other African Countries?
The Kenyan case is very clear that one will only have to come to conclusion that the president is just heathless. How can one sit and watch the people you are suppose to rule die in their hundreds just because of your injustice? Its even said by the election commissioner that he was force to announce the results- what interference? What is going on in Kenya is totally not acceptable.
Why is it that African Presidents are not saying anything? It sheer hypocrisy on the side of tin African colleague –They cannot condemn him because like him most of them also did the same.
But of cause we have the likes of Abdou Diouf former President of Senegal who was defeated and accepted defeat. In Mali also we have seen a simple change of regime by democratic means, Ghanaian JJ Rawlings also did accepted and stepped down after his second term in office with no blood shed, there are few of them, Nelson Mandela of South Africa, did voluntarily step down before his second term ended, Abdulsalami Abubakar of Nigeria also smoothly handed over power to an democratically elected civilian.
Since Amodou Toumani Toure of Mali in the early 90’s and at the end of 99 Niger’s Daouda Mallam Wanka took power and then managed transitions to democratic rule in their countries, there are more and more calling for this type of interventions to put an end to political impasse periling in several African countries.
Several African leaders are not ready to loose their grip on power why? I want to believe that the reason of all these is madness and greed.
African governments today should all try to have a presidential term limit for me that is the only guarantee of peace and avoidance of coups, which are bad in all forms. There is no and cannot be any good coups.
All coups are bad as they undermine constitutional democracy.
No matter whether the coup of soldiers who seize power, change themselves into civilians or not.
Such persons should form themselves into formidable forces and stand to speak for democracy and condemn dictators who cling to power to the point of lost of lives.

Author: Madi M.K.Ceesay
Source: Editorial