“I never Employed Bakary Marong” - Sheriff Hydara

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sheriff Maline Hydara, the father of Seedy Hydara, the grade 11 student who had been cut with a cutlass by one Bakary Marong, has denied claims of ever employing the services of the said Bakary Marong. A visibly furious Sheriff Maline Hydara, who walked into our offices yesterday, maintained that on account his standing in society, he would never at any time swindle any person.

He dismissed the allegations from Bakary Marong as untruthful. He explained that Bakary Marong went to his father in Darsilami for treatment and not to him.

He indicated that Bakary spent three years at his father’s house but that during in the beginning he used to take his food from his  (Sheriff Maline’s) compound until finally the man later transferred there completely thanks to his generosity. He maintained that he had never, at any given time, asked the man to do any service for him. “I wonder why this man could just have jumped and made such grave allegations. I have been feeding this man for over three years. I am a bona fide Muslim, and I would never at any given time, do such things,” he added.

The said Bakary Marong was reported to have been arrested for seriously cutting the son of Sheriff Maline Hydara with a cutlass.

Bakary was said to have been bent on settling a supposed score with Sheriff Maline Hydara for reportedly employing his services for six long years on the alleged promise that he would give him a wife in return, only to renege on the promise.

Author: By Abba A.S. Gibba
Source: The Point