Libyan Envoy Hails Gambia-Libya Relations

Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Ambassador of the great Socialist Peoples Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, H.E. Dr Ali Mohammad Dukaly, has described the relationship between his country and The Gambia as great and cordial. The new Libyan envoy was speaking in an exclusive interview with this reporter recently at his office at Fajara.

According to the head of the Libyan mission to The Gambia the relations between two countries stretch back in history to the dim past, noting that the same was true for the whole of Africa. “But after the Libyan Al-Fatah revolution, Libyan foreign relations took on other aspects towards the strengthening of relations with other African countries, especially countries that try to work for African unity. But look at the history between Libya and Gambia. It was very strong over a long time. Believe me, I would like to see it come back to the top again. After all, I am here to strengthen the relations,” he said.

On the area of co-operation, the Libyan diplomat revealed that his country has twelve agreements with The Gambia. Among these, he went on, are education, agriculture, culture, security issues among others.
“Many Libyans come to The Gambia to invest because The Gambia is a peaceful African nation. We have a good relationship with The Gambia and I hope it will grow bigger and bigger for the benefit of the peoples of our two countries and all of Africa,” he said.

His Excellency Dukaly added that we have to co-operate in all aspects of life with regard to African unity. He reassured that his leader, President Muammar Gadaffi, would always work towards strengthening unity in Africa, adding: “If Africa becomes one nation, it would be strong. Then Africa would change for the better. I am working hard on that and every African must work on that challenge. I would like The Gambia to stick to the concept of African unity,” he said.

Coming back to The Gambia, Ambassador Dukaly expressed his admiration for the Gambian leadership and people, noting that he hopes to do something for the country.

The Libyan envoy finally used the opportunity to express the hope that President Jammeh would participate in the two-day African Union Summit scheduled to take place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday, in the interests of all African peoples.

Author: By Nfamara Jawneh
Source: The Point