Kombo Sillah Hammered Dabanane FC in Gunjur Veteran Trophy

Thursday, February 7, 2008

In group B of the Gunjur veteran football championship Kombo Sillah FC humiliated Dabanane FC 5-1.

Alieu Darboe opened the scores for Kombo Sillah in the 10th minute followed by Kanmodu Keita and Modou Kujabi in the 20th and 35th minutes respectively. The first half ended 3-0.

As play resumed in the second half Kombo Sillah FC continued to apply more pressure on their opponents which resulted in their scoring of two more goals courtesy of Omar Touray and Alieu Darboe who bagged his second of the day.

In the other match, Juventus defeated YSB FC 3-2.

Meanwhile, the championship continues this weekend with Saturday’s match featuring Pan Africa FC and Dananaeh FC.

Sunday’s encounter will see Gibbas FC locking horns with Juventus. 

Author: By Lamin Darboe
Source: The Point