Armed Robbery Becoming Habitual in CRR - Governor Touray

Friday, March 7, 2008

Armed robbery is becoming habitual in Central River Region (CRR) according to Governor Touray. He urged the people of CRR to work closely with the security forces and inform them of any thing they feel is suspicious or may be connected to illegal activity.

The Governor made his comments in the aftermath of an incident involving a shopkeeper in Sancha Kassa Village in Lower Saloum District in CRR North.

The shopkeeper in question was one Malick Jallow. A red pick up truck without a registration plate and loaded with men suspected of being armed robbers recently confronted Mr. Jallow at two in the morning requesting that he accompany them to Jimbala village where there are a number of big shops.

Mr. Jallow was suspicious of the men and refused to go with them. They then asked if he might give them directions to Jimbala. He agreed but gave them false directions and notified the villagers about the men being in the area. He tried to contact the Kaur Police but because of bad network coverage he could not reach them. He did succeed in making contact with the police the following day. Police are now investigating the matter but Mr. Jallow fears that the armed robbers may return because they know his shop and are aware that he gave them wrong directions to Jimbala. He has appealed for assistance. 

Author: By Abdou Rahman Sallah
Source: The Point