KM Pre-Season Tournament in Progress

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

As part of preparation for the GFA 2008 league, the Kanifing Municipal Sports committee staged a divisional pre-season tournament currently underway featuring teams in both first and second division from KMC and surrounding.

The ten teams divided into two groups include Sait Matty/Africell, Ham-Ham FC, Tallinding United FC, Kaira Silo FC and Brikama United in group A.

Samgar is drawn in group b, alongside Bakau United FC, Serrekunda FC, Steve Biko FC and Nema United FC.

 Matches are played in Serrekunda East and West mini Stadiums.

Below are the Results of the Pre-season Tournament which kick off last Wednesday
Brikama United 0-0 S/Matty/Africell

Samar 2-0 Bakau United

Ham Ham 0-0 Tallinding UTD

Steve Biko 4-0 S/k East

Nema UTD  0-0 Samgar

Tallinding UTD   0-1 S/Matty / Africell

Steve Biko 1-0   Bakau UTD

Up Coming Matches

Wed 23/1/08      Ham-Ham Vs Kaira Silo  S/k West 4.30pm

Wed 23/1/08    S/k East VS  Nema United S/k East  4.30pm

Thurs 24/1/08    T/United  Vs  Brikama United S/k East 4.30

Thurs  24/1/08    Steve Biko    Vs   Samgar  S/k East 4:30

Fri  25/1/08   Bakau united Vs  Nema United S/k East .30pm

Fri 25/1/08   S/Matty/ Africall Vs Ham Ham S/k West  4.30pm

Sat  26/1/08   Tallinding UTD Vs Kaira Silo   S/k West 4.30pm

Sat  26/1/08 S/k East  Vs  Samgar  S/k East  4.30pm

Sun 27/1/08  Brikama UTD  Ham-Ham  S/k West  4.30pm

Sun 27/1/08 Steve Biko  Vs Nema United  S/k East 4.30pm

Wed 30/1/08  Kaira Silo  Vs S/Matty/ Africall  S/k West  4.30pm

Wed 30/1/08  Bakau Utd S/k East   4.30pm 

Source: The Point