11M CFA thresher for Kanilai farms

Wednesday, July 9, 2008
Kanilai Farms Ltd, in its quest to supply abundant consumable goods to the local market, has acquired a brand new corn threshing machine at a cost of 11 million CFA francs.

The machine has the capacity to thresh 800 kg of corn per hour. In addition, the thresher can turn the corn into six different consumable by-products including flour and animal feed. The machine is manufactured by Sismar, a firm based in Senegal, and comes with a six-year guarantee.

According to Ebrima Ndong, a technician from Sismar who was in Kanilai to  install the equiment, after a thorough study of the crop situation in the region, they came up with the idea of producing such a machine,  in order to derive maximum benefit from corn, which is a major crop in West Africa.

“Now with this,” he went on, “wastage will be mininal and it will further help in improving the nutrition of the populace.”

Author: by Pa Malick Faye