Kaur Lower Basic School Receives Furniture

Friday, February 29, 2008

Kaur Lower Basic School in the Lower Salum CRR, recently received over 200 sets of classroom furniture and a considerable amount of stationary from their Dutch friends known as the Boka Loho Foundation.

The delegation from Holland, on behalf of the foundation, was led by Ms Ank and Ms Bain along with their spouses.

In receiving the gifts, the Headmaster of the school, Mr. Yuba Jarjusey, expressed his appreciation for the humanitarian gesture. He said that the donated items will go a long way in complimenting Government efforts to provide furniture and other educational materials to schools.

He commended Omar Ceesay and Sulayman Joof for initiating the scheme and Dr. Sheziffo Conteh and his wife for the facilitatory role they played. Mr. Jarjusey assured the donors and their Gambian partners that the donated items will be put to good use.

Both the teachers and pupils at the school are motivated and poised to work effectively he said.

Author: By Abdoue Rahmen Sallah in CRR
Source: The Point