Lack of Good Bridge Hinders Rice Cultivation in Auldi

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rice farmers in Kerr Auldi in Upper Saloum are currently grappling with the problem of smooth access to their rice fields due to lack of a good bridge.

This paper can authoritatively report that the rice growers in Kerr Auldi and other cluster villages are reeling under hellish times to access their fields due to the river that cut them from the farms.

In an interview with Kumba Bah, a native of Kerr Auldi and a rice grower herself, The Point learnt that the situation of rice growers in that part of the country was pathetic and deplorable.

According to Ms. Bah, although the existing bridge that links farmers to their fields was constructed some two years ago it is already in a state of decay and dereliction. “We are undergoing trying times just to access our farms,” lamented our interlocutor. “We need to have access to our fields so we could grow our own food and feed ourselves,” she added.

Many speakers, including Batch Bah, all called on the government, Kuntaur Area Council, among others, to come to their aid so they could continue with their normal farming activities.

Author: By Wally Bah
Source: The Point
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