Phone for every Gambian Africell declares

Monday, July 14, 2008
Africell, being the leading  GSM  Company in The Gambia, on Saturday, launched its mega promotion called “Phone for every Gambian”, at a press conference held at the Kairaba Beach Hotel in Kololi.

This mega promotion, is the latest to be introduced by The Gambia’s indomitable mobile communications company, following the on going face of Africell part 2, D10,000000  campaign, among others.

The promotion will also help each and every individual in the country to access a brandnew mobile phone.

Speaking at the press conference, , Papa Leigh, Marketing and Sales Manager at Africell, said, making the GSM service affordable to all communities, has always been his company’s primary target, adding that, Africell looks at the world through the eyes of The Gambian people.

“We know that the only barrier that prevents most Gambians from having universal access to Telecommunication, is  financial deficiency”, he noted.

According to Mr. Leigh, the obstacle (financial deficiency) that stands between Gambians and Telecommunication has been removed, because Africell has held itself responsible for the development of this nation and will never stop looking for solutions.

He revealed that Africell is the Gambia’s biggest GSM operator with more than five hundred thousand subscribers, adding that the reason behind their success has always been the support of their faithful customers,who are always considered as fruitful partners in development .

“We believe in,and trust  the public as the base on which this company stands  and that’s why we work day and night to bring at hand ,the best services. Today’s offer is another way to say (thank you) to The Gambian people”, Mr Leigh remarked.

He further revealed that this mega breakthrough in Gambia’s Telecommunication market is due to  a partnership with Reliance Financial Services to offer a phone for every Gambian.

Mr Leigh also explained the details about  this offer and below we re-produced the full text of his explanation.

“Under this program, the customer will pay as low as D100 per month and get a brand new Nokia Phone plus new Africell Sim Card followed by a free credit allowance every month.

1.To benefit from this offer, the customer is bound to visit any of the Reliance Branches and present any sort of an identification document (Passport, ID card, drivers’ Licenses etc.)

2. If the customer chooses to pay for the phone package over the period of ten months, the down payment will be D100 (one hundred dalasis) and the monthly payments will be 100 dalasi only and each time the customer compensate his monthly payments, he will instantly receive 50 dalasi worth of credit for free (Africell to Africell).

3.If the customer chooses to pay for the phone package over the period of five months, the down payment will be D160 dalasis only and each time the customer compensate his monthly payment, he will instantly receive 80 dalasis worth of credit for free (Africell to Africell).

4. All phones will be delivered at Reliance Financial Service centres.

For his part, Ismaila Faal, Chief Operating Officer at Reliance Financial Services, said the target group in this campaign are central to and are at the heart of Reliance’s mission.

“Reliance sets out to change lives, leveraging on Micro- Finance and Micro Credit as a platform. Out target is something that we certainly share in common with Africell and now with Quantum Net  Digital”,  Mr Faal observed.

Since its establishment, Mr Faal went on, Reliance has made  promise to the people that it will do anything humanly possible, to bring banking serivces to the doorsteps of Gambians.

“Today after 20 months of operation we are humbly proud to announce that we have 20 operational outlets in the country and we will soon cover the entire length and breadth of the country” Mr Faal told the press.

Lansana Tunkara, from Quantum Net Digital, Commended Africell and Reliance Financial Services, for what he described as a dynamic partnership. He said Quantum Net Digital has a long history of partnership with Africell, as well as with Reliance Financial Services.He added that their doors are always open for such as partnership.Mr Tunkara revealed that his Company is the first Nokia official distributor and the only official Nokia Service Centre in the country.

These phones under the offer will be taken care of by the Nokia one year waranty, which can be serviced at any Quantum Net Serice Centre”, he assured the gathering.

Author: by Assan Sallah