Welcome to the new WOW

Monday, April 30, 2007

Rhythm Ltd. is proud to welcome you to the newest version of www.wow.gm, Gambia's news gateway. 

We have had a lot of feedback over the past year from our users on what they want to see and we are responding.   The most important thing we hear is more Gambia, more Gambia, more Gambia.  So we've changed up our content to focus almost all our articles and information exclusively on The Gambia.  If you have more you would like to see please send us a note on feedback@wow.gm.   

The new website also offers much greater interactivity with our users and between our users.  We want to develop an online community of Gambians at home, Gambians abroad and people learning about or already loving The Gambia.  

To support this we have added two main sections we hope you enjoy, Talk and Photos.  You can now talk on village specific message boards and upload your favourite Gambian photos to share with everyone.  Check out the hundreds of Gambia photos already in our collection at http://www.wow.gm/photo

This website is running on our own Rhythm Ltd.  developed content management system "geo".  So expect more and more features as the weeks pass and please be sure to drop a note in our suggestions discussion in Kotu.  (find that here)

So, please feel free to have a chat in our virtual Bakau, upload pictures of your home town or comment on the news articles, all you need to get started is your new WOW account.  Sign up here: Create Account

Thanks to all our community, and our corporate partners The Observer and The Point who have supported us over the last months.  We hope you enjoy the new WOW and come back to visit us often. 

The Team at Rhythm

Author: Joshua Perina
Source: Rhythm Ltd. Kotu, The Gambia