US$20,000 needed to cure a heart patient

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Kaddijatou Ceesay, a two-year old girl resident in Lamin is seeking financial assistance from the general public to undergo special surgery as she is suffering from congenital heart disease.

According to a medical report from the RVTH Hospital Management Board, the said patient was admitted to a special care unit of the pediatric wing with a history of coughing, fever and difficulty in breathing. The report stated that little Kaddijatou is on treatment with antibiotics, laxis and was diagnosed with a case of bronchopneumonia and congenital heart disease.

In a separate letter on the financial expenses for the treatment of Kaddijatou, Dr Ingrid, a doctor in the Gambia, had made a contact with an organisation called, Children’s Heart Link. The organisation recommended that the surgery be done in a hospital in Nairobi, Kenya where the staffs are willing to attend to the patient.

The letter indicated that, the President of Children’s Heart Link said that the cost of the surgery would be between $5,000 and $20,000, and that this would depend on how complicated the surgery is and how difficult it is to repair the heart.

Dr Ingrid   asked sponsors to commit to $20,000 plus the travelling and lodging costs for the charge and at least one parent.

Dr Ingrid added that this girl will not grow properly until she undergoes the surgery.

Any one who wishes to support this young girl can contact her father, Harouna Ceesay on 9935359.

Author: Written by Alhagie Jobe
Source: The Daily Observer