Renowned Herbal Doctor Speaks

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mr. Harmadi Wann, a renowned herbal doctor living in Nema Nasiru, is currently offering intensive treatments to people for a variety of conditions. These include cholera, impotence and body weakness among others.
Highly regarded because of his wealth of experience in the field of herbal treatments, Mr. Wann is reported to be curing various diseases in times ranging from three minutes to three days to three months or weeks.

Speaking recently to this reporter, the herbalist said that there are three main sources of disease, namely, what you eat, what you drink and the unexpected entry of something into the body.

My treatment for all these diseases last for a range of times up to three months but not longer than this because I work purely with the name of God and various herbs, he said.

According to Mr. Wann, each and every human being has inherited something from one person or another and so all knowledge comes from God to human beings.

For more details about Mr. Hamadi Wann and his treatments please contact him on 7048814, 9753538 or his Senegalese number, +221 9467245.

Source: The Point