Community Sensitised on Coartem

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Niamina Youth Association Against Malaria (NYAAMA) is taking an efficient and active approach to community participation in the area of malaria control and prevention methods in Niamina East. As part of this strategy it recently embarked on a sensitisation programme in seven communities in the district focusing on the new malaria drug Coartem. This was coupled with tutoring on ways to prevent the spread of the disease. The National Malaria Control Programme through the Global Fund sponsored the sensitisation.

In his remarks the representative from the Regional Health Team, Musa Camara, said a shift in the treatment from Chloroquine to Coartem is as a result of multiple resistant strains of malaria which have emerged in the population especially in pregnant women and children under the age of five. He emphasised the need for early detection so treatment can be administered promptly. Camara called for sound environmental management in order to reduce the instance of malaria.

The President of the association Kemo Wally called on the participants to spread the message to the community at large and commended the National Malaria Control Programme for their sponsorship of the event.

The nurse in charge of Kundang Health Centre, Mr. Fabakary Njie, dwelled on the individual body weights and dosage relating to the use of the new drug Coartem.

The Chief of the district called on the members to take ownership of NYAAMA and urged them to cooperate in order to achieve their goals. He spoke at length on the important role they have taken in increasing the awareness of the new drug Coartem.

Author: By Abdou Rahman Sallah in CRR
Source: The Point