Councillorship Candidates in CRR Set Out Manifestos

Monday, January 21, 2008

Following the commencement of the official campaign in the race for the forthcoming Local Government elections, the APRC candidates for Nyanga Bantang, Kuntaur and Bansang wards have outlined their development packages for their various wards.

Addressing their supporters at rallies held in Nyanga Bantang, Safalin, Kataba and Boraba villages over the weekend, Alhagie Sarge, candidate for Nyanga Bantang Ward, and Malang Camara of Kuntaur Ward, promised the electorate that if they are voted in they would strive to bring development to their communities.

Speaking earlier, the Chief of Niani called on the people of that district to come out in large numbers and vote for APRC candidates. He reiterated the point that Local Government Elections are just as important as other elections.

For their part, the APRC candidates in the region informed their supporters that theirs the only suitable party to vote for, noting that they are synonymous with development.

They pledged to improve the welfare of all the people in their respective wards. They urged their supporters to maintain their loyalty to President Jammeh and the APRC.
Malang Camara, candidate for Kantaur Ward, advised his supporters to maintain law and order throughout the election. “If you want to benefit from the development projects of the APRC please vote for me,” he told the crowd.

Mrs Amie Ceesay, APRC candidate for Bansang Ward, also promised to advance the livelihoods of the people of her ward if she is elected.

The Chief of Upper Fulladu, Chief Biram Baldeh, spoke of the development being enjoyed under the APRC government and leadership of President Jammeh.

Elsewhere the independent candidate for Kerewan Ward in Lower Fulladu, Bilaly Baldeh, addressed hundreds of supporters at meetings in Boiram and Njoben villages. He urged them to be law-abiding and remain steadfast in their support. He spoke at length on the role of a councillor in the socio-economic development of his or her ward. He urged people to vote in great numbers for him on January 24th. He also expressed confidence that he would win.

Among other speakers at his rally were Mr. Malick Mballow and Momodou Penda Mballow, both of who expressed their unflinching support for the independent candidate.

Mr. Baldeh assured the gathering that if they voted for him, he would bring development to their doorsteps. 

Author: By Abdou Rahman Sallah in CRR
Source: The Point