Panic at Pirang mosque

Tuesday, March 11, 2008
Muslim worshippers at the Pirang Village in Western Region have raised concerns over the dilapdated condition of their 32-year old mosque as fragments of the concrete roof fall on them in bits during prayers, thus, creating panic.

In an interview with the Daily Observer, Imam Alimameh Jabang said that they are scared to pray in the mosque as fragments of the concrete roof fall on worshipers. “The mosque can accomodate 1,000 worshippers and, Allah forbids, if a big fragment fall on  worshippers it might lead to a fatal accident. In fact., the mosque committee decided to dismantle the concrete roof to avoid any havoc”.

According to Imam Jabang, the situation has forced them not from performing Friday prayers in the mosque for the past four weeks. “We need help to put our mosque in order. On behalf of the mosque committee, I wish to appeal to samaritans for help. We are at the moment occupying a place where women perform their Friday prayers. It is a sad situation,” he said.

It could be recalled that the mosque in question was built in 1975 by the late Alhaji Momodou Musa Njie.

Persons willing to help can contact the Pirang Village Development committee public relations officer or its secretary on 9925898 or 9870039 or meet in person Imam Jabang.

Author: by Lamin M Dibba