Jammeh Gives 24-hour Ultimatum to Carnegie Minerals or else…

Friday, January 18, 2008

Reports monitored from GRTS Television on Tuesday evening indicate that the President of The Gambia and Secretary of State for Mineral Resources, Mr Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh, has given a 24-hour ultimatum to Carnegie Minerals Gambia Limited to come clean on their activities in the country, failure of which they risk losing their licence to operate in the country, not to speak of legal actions to follow.

A press release read on GRTS said that Carnegie Mineral might be exporting minerals from The Gambia, which they are not reporting accordingly. As a result of this, the release added, Carnegie Minerals Gambia Limited is being asked to tell the Gambian public the truth about what they are actually mining, the quantity of minerals from the Gambia and what the actual international price of tonnage exported are. Original laboratory results of analysis of the type of minerals accepted and exported are also requested, the release concluded.

Carnegie Minerals Gambia Limited is a mining company in the country located in the village of Sanyang in Kombo South.

Author: By Nfamara Jawneh
Source: The Point