KYDA Blood Donors Fan Club Inaugurated

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The blood donors’ fans club of Kansala Youth Development Association (KYDA) was recently inaugurated at a ceremony held at Tabokoto.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Omar Cham, President of KYDA gave a brief history of the association, detailing that it was formed in April 12th 2005 with the purposeful aim of promoting health, education and agriculture in their community.

He expressed his association’s wiliness to donate blood to the needy. Mr. Cham also used the occasion to appeal to NGO’s and other relevant institutions to help their association.

Rohey Njie-Secka, President of Gamblood thanked KYDA for the initiative.
Mam Jara Nyabally, Recruitment Officer at RVTH posited that that there is a high demand for blood at the hospitals. She therefore encouraged the healthy men and women to donate blood to save lives.

As a show of commitment, KYDA blood donors’ fan club members donated several piles of blood to Gamblood.

Source: The Point
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