Heavily Laden Truck Crashes in Wuli

Friday, October 12, 2007

A truck laden with bags of sugar and gallons of cooking oil recently fell over between the village of Dramani and Jaka Madina, in the Wuli West District of Upper River Region. The driver of the truck could not be reached for comments as he was away in the nearest health post to attend to the minor injuries he is said to have sustained to his head. 

Speaking to this reporter at the scene on Thursday, Alhagie Ceesay, an apprentice working on the truck, said that there were no fatalities but described the accident as serious. According to him the truck coming from the Kombos was heading to Sare Mamudou. Mr. Ceesay blamed the accident on the precarious condition of the roads, saying that vehicles only just manage to avoid similar incidents on the roads on a daily basis. He rejected assertions that the accident could have been caused by the manner in which the truck was loaded, saying that his boss has years of experience driving trucks.

The wreckage of the truck is still lying at the scene though the goods have since been reloaded into another vehicle for delivery at its final destination.

Mr. Ceesay appealed to local government authorities to help rehabilitate the part of the road linking Basse and Wuli East. “We arranged for a vehicle to rescue the truck but it could not pull it off and we are now waiting for a tractor to see if it could remove it. We have spent about 5 days here sleeping in the bush to secure our goods and truck,” he lamented.

However observers opined that if the driver had not over speed, there is a better chance for him to steer the truck along the better part of the road and avoid the accident.

Author: By Nfamara Jawneh in URR
Source: The Point