Edu Gomez Seeks Redress

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A senior legal practitioner, Lawyer Edward Gomez, is now seeking redress through the law-courts for the restitution of properties ‘worth over D100, 000’.

One Omar Bojang was yesterday charged alongside others for willfully and unlawfully damaging the properties of counsel Gomez in Yunna village, Kombo North.

According to the details of the matter, as read out in court, Bojang and his alleged allies in crime destroyed eight concrete pillars as well as throwing 150 cement blocks in a well situated in Edu’s garden in Yunna.

The accused denied the charges and are expected back in court on 23 October 2007, for hearing.

Meanwhile, to allow them go on their normal businesses, Bojang was granted bail in the sum of D100,000.

Author: By Malamin Conteh
Source: The Point
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