Slok Air Management Clears the Air

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The new SLOK Air management has cleared the air concerning the recent hiatus in its operations, making positive projections about the company’s readiness to recommence operation as soon as possible.

Captain Clifford Emoh, the new General Manager of SLOK Air International, said they only stopped flight operations temporarily but added that they are now prepared to turn over a new page for a way forward. Mr. Emoh said the way forward for their aircraft was to get their aircrafts flying again, noting that that is possible through abiding by the regulatory authority’s maintenance law. “The best way forward for the airline is to get our aircrafts flying again,” he said.

“We have a maintenance programme for our aircrafts, contracted with Boeing Aircraft Maintenance Organisation in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We are geared towards a commercially-oriented airline with a new chapter,” he said.

He further spoke of the internal review going on, saying it would impact positively on their services and make them better. The reforms, he said, were in line with standard aviation practices, coupled with effective supervision of the regulatory authority, GCAA, especially on the aircraft safety aspect and its procedures. Mr. Emoh emphasized the need for what he called service orientation, expressing the belief that that is one sure way for them to know what their customers feel about their services.

Mr. Emoh disclosed that he had been in The Gambia from February to May 2007 as the airline’s consultant for the company, noting that he had made some recommendation following that visit. “Some of my recommendations are what I am presently implementing,” he said.

Talking on the resumption of the operations, he said they had promised to resume operations the first week January 2008, but noted that the technical reasons stated above brought about the delay. “Meanwhile, our pilots and engineers are in Addis Ababa awaiting to take delivery of the aircraft back to The Gambia in the shortest possible time,” the General Manager said.

He reechoed management’s apology for the inconveniences caused during the temporary suspension of their operations and expressed appreciation for customers’ patronage and support.

Mr. Alhaji B. S. Sallah, Head of Ground operations, said: “We are presently operating in 10 cities in West and Central Africa, hence our catch phrase, ‘The wings of The Gambia, connecting cities.’ And our watch word is ‘SERVICE’.”

Author: By Augustine Kanjia
Source: The Point