Bravo Daily Observer !

Friday, May 9, 2008

Can you please allow me space in your widely read and reputable  newspaper to commend the general staff of the Daily Observer newspaper for your  fore sight in updating The Gambian populace about current affairs taking place in the country.

I always find your new items interesting and enjoyable. The staff  are obviously demonstrating a real sense of professionalism to their work, as the service they render to The Gambian population at large suggest.

The way you feature your articles and your grammer  usage is educating to us as students at the primary, secondary and even the tartiary level. As students, we can read and get sense when we get hold of the Daily Observer Newspaper.

I just returned from Senegal from where I used to log on to your website to access daily information in about m motherland.

I hope the management is also looking into expanding the general circulation so that an ordinary as Koinanka (ie, some in Koina) can know what is happening in the country.

Your presence in The Gambia and your leading role as flag bearers in the country’s media sector is a stricking demonstration.

Each time I log on your website, it is always clear and contained straight forward information that are of human interest.

I would commend the entire management and staff of the daily observer for a job well done.

We remain behind you in your quest to informed, educate, as well entertain your readership.

I hope you will continued informing your readerships as the media is the fourth estate in national development.

Lamin Janko

Kafuta Village

Author: DO