Art Exhibition Opens at Sun Beach

Monday, January 7, 2008

A three-week exhibition was officially opened recently at the Sunbeach Hotel and Resort at Cape Point in Bakau. The exhibition consists of a wide range of Gambian artwork ranging from modern to eccentric and traditional to sacred. The aim of the show is to let tourists have a broader understanding of Gambian art and culture. The architect of the artwork, Mr. Etu Ndou, posited that this show of painting, where art and interesting artwork are displayed, will open a window for tourists to gaze at some contemporary art creations, different from the traditional art available on the tourist market. Mr. Ndow thanked the management of Sunbeach for giving him the opportunity and support they have by hosting the event. He says this backing will greatly help his career. He also paid his regards to a volunteer called Makalale.

Mr. Olivier Petit, the General Manager of the hotel, maintained that his resort believes in responsible tourism. This, he says, is based on harmonizing the relationship between the population of Bakau and those visiting. He said bringing tourists into close contact with the work of local artists is an excellent way of achieving this goal.

He stated that the exhibition is to show that The Gambia is involved in all forms of artistic expression and not just music. In conclusion Mr. Petit confirmed that the exhibition will allow tourists to discover the culture and tradition of The Gambia.

Author: By Soury Camara
Source: The Point