KMC Campaign Manager Commends Electorate

Thursday, January 31, 2008

As He Foretells Bleak Future for Opposition

The APRC Campaign Manager for Kanifing municipality has expressed ‘hearty’ congratulations and gratitude to the electorate in the Kanifing municipality for what he termed their genuine expression of loyalty and allegiance to the APRC party by voting in the party’s sponsored candidate in the just concluded local government polls.

Mr Momodou Turo Darboe asserted that APRC’s electoral victory was a clear indication that the opposition no longer have any space in the hearts and minds of Gambian people.

Writing in his capacity as the APRC Campaign Manager for the Kanifing municipality, Mr Darboe stated that the electoral victory of the APRC in the Kanifing municipality and other parts of the country is an explicit acknowledgement of the party’s accomplishments in the country over the past decade.

“People have realised that the APRC is the only serious and action-oriented party that can improve the quality of life for them. Since Gambian opposition have failed miserably, we should not allow ourselves to be misused. I thank the electorate for turning their back to the opposition thus enabling APRC to secure majority of the seats contested

“The people have spoken. And they’ve spoken in the language of development. The people of Kanifing municipality and other parts of the country want development and are quite aware that the only party that can bring development to their living rooms is APRC party. APRC’s victory is recognition of the party’s development-oriented posture,” added Darboe.

According to him The Gambia under President Jammeh is not the right place for the opposition to actualise their dreams.

“It’s never, never too late for them to join forces with the APRC and be accepted as bona fide party members. I would urge the opposition remnants to come on board so as to contribute to the party’s growth in popularity than being enemies of progress on the sidelines,” he echoed.

He thanked President Jammeh for reposing ‘such a confidence’ in him by appointing him to lead the campaign trail in the Kanifing municipality.

“I would also like to thank all those who have turned out to exercise their franchise by voting for the APRC in this local government elections. I would also like to thank all those individuals and businesses that contributed to the success of our campaign,” he posited.

It would be recalled that the APRC-sponsored candidate for the KMC, Mr Yankuba Colley, polled 19,073 votes whilst his opponent, Momodou A. Danso of UDP, polled 8,412 votes.

Author: By Abdoulie Nget & Fatou Dibba
Source: The Point