Electioneering Intensifies in KM

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

With almost 10 days to go before the local government elections, electioneering in the Kanifing Municipality is intensifying by the day.

Political activities in the country’s most populous local government area are increasing and if the trend persists, the fear that the outcome of the elections may be marred by voter apathy would not be confirmed.

Yesterday, this paper took to the streets of Serekunda and its suburbs to sound the views of the voters, vis-à-vis the up-coming elections and the views gathered were varied and divided.

Ebrima Bahoum, a vendor at Serekunda market, said:“ It is pathetic that people are called to come out and vote in an election they know next to nothing about. Many people do not know the significance of local council elections, which is quite unfortunate. I think we now have the opportunity to vote in a person who would positively change the deplorable state of this market.”

“It is an open secret that many roads in this municipality are in an unpleasant state. Many settlements in the municipality are without clean drinking water whilst too few of our children are given scholarship packages by the local council. The choice is now ours to vote in a man who would better manage our rates and taxes, award scholarship to our children and help in the provision of potable water,” said Salif Conteh, a resident of Latrikunda.

“I’m not passionate about this elections because power of the people has been usurped. The purpose of local government elections is defeated by National Assembly’s move in empowering Mr Jammeh to have unbridled power to remove Mayors. This is a violation of one of the articles of democratic faith,” said Lang Touray of Dippa Kunda.

Meanwhile, Kumba Jabang and Sula Fatty told this paper that they expect whosoever is elected to construct good markets, provide street taps, wisely manage our resources as well as to embark on poverty-reducing projects.

Author: By Alieu Jabang
Source: The Point