“Development is About Empowerment” – Kembujel Councillor

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The UDP candidate for Kambujel Ward in Brikama Alieu Darboe, who bit the dust in the recent Local Government Elections, has urged the youth of his area to participate fully in the socio-economic development of the ward.

Mr. Darboe made his comments in an exclusive interview with The Point. According to Mr. Darboe the youth of the area have a crucial role to play in the development of the area and the nation as a whole. “I believe that we all have to put our political differences aside and work towards the development of the ward,” he said. He added, “people must not be sentimental about what happened at the polls, we need to come together and improve the livelihoods of the people in Kembujel Ward through determination and commitment to ensure that the women and children are empowered.”

To him there can be no meaningful development if women and children are not involved in the process or if people are lazy or irresponsible. He therefore called on the youth of the area to involve themselves in the betterment of the ward for the good of all its residents.

He cited a number of areas where improvement is needed. These included clean drinking water, electricity, accessible health services, environmental sanitation and quality education.

He revealed that there would be a committee established that would look at the affairs involved in the development of Kembujel and that it’s hoped this committee will act as a catalyst in the area’s development.

On a separate topic, Mr. Darboe said that he will reconcile with his opponent, Mr. Momadou Ceesay of the APRC and his people. He said that everybody is aware that election campaigns can be very tense. “I have forgiven all as the election is now over. We must move forward together now and work as a team,” he said. He finally thanked his party militants for standing by him day in day out to make sure the election campaign was unmarred by violence.

Author: By Yerro Mballow & Njie Baldeh
Source: The Point