Scorpions Fans Club speaks

Thursday, April 5, 2007
Scorpions Fans Club has clarified that no member of the club was part of the home crowd that engaged in stoning the Scorpions in their reaction to the team’s 2-0 home defeat to Guinea in Group Eight of the 2008 Nations Cup qualifying campaign last month.

Speaking to the Observer Sports, Bai Cham, President of the club, said none of his members was a party to the act, adding that the Scorpions Fans Club always strives to maintain maximum discipline at all times.

“We have no room for hooliganism and we have manifested in many games, the latest being Congo Championships when we embraced our Nigerian counterparts despite losing to them in the semis,” he said.

On the safety of the fans, Cham added, the fans club would like the management of the Independence Stadium to number the seats of the pavilion to avoid it superseding its capacity.

“Numbering the seat of the pavilion will help solve overcrowding. If the stadium management cannot do this, let them give us the chance to raise fund to number the seats for the benefit and safety of all fans,” he said.

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Author: Written by Nanama Keita
Source: The Daily Observer
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