7 ½ month old child receives sponsored heart operation in Germany

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

West Afrikan German Project e.V. has once again rendered its helping hand to another Gambia Child with the name July Secka.

July Secka, a 7 ½ month old, was born with a congenital heart disease known as Ventricular Septal Defect. The families of July contacted “Project West Afrikan German Project e.V.”, an organisation focussed on delivering medical assistance to children in West Africa, as the little child was admitted in RVTH battling between life and death.

Momodou Secka, the father, and Haddy Jonga, the mother of July, both living in Fagikunda Gambia were then contacted by the project from Germany.

Presently mother and the child are in Germany .Thorough medical and diagnostic check is already been conducted and it is concluded that July is fit for surgical correction of this deformity.

This is already the third child in the last two years that benefit from the project.

The project is responsible for the travelling and operation cost. Upon return to the Gambia, July will also benefit from a six year medical insurance from the Project.

West Afrikan German Project e.V. would like to express their sincere appreciation goes to all that made the project a success.

For more information about the West Afrikan German Project e.V. and July’s condition please visit http://www.wagpev.de or contact Mrs. Gabriele Zachau, the Chairperson, at sekretariat@wagpev.de