Ambassador Chang bids farewell to Jammeh

Friday, May 2, 2008
Dr Patrick Chang, the outgoing Taiwanese Ambassador to The Gambia, on Wednesday bade farewell to President Alhaji Dr Yahya Jammeh at State House, Banjul.

Ambassador Chang, who ends his tour of duty to The Gambia after a three-year successful tenure of office, was accredited to The Gambia as Ambassador extra-ordinary in January 2005.

Speaking at the State House farewell ceremony, President Jammeh expressed delight and satisfaction with the accomplishment registered during the tenure of outgoing ambassador Chang. He hailed the immense contribution of the Republic of Taiwan in major sectors of the Gambia’s national development and further assured the Gambia government’s policy to continue to support all Taiwan bids.

President Jammeh then described Ambassador Chang as a great friend of The Gambia noting that, The Gambia will always call on him to visit the country as he is going under retirement. According to President Jammeh, Dr Chang’s tenure of office is one of the greatest successes, consolation and had cemented a bond of brotherhood between The Gambia and Taiwan. He then hailed his efforts in the education, agriculture and other sectors of The Gambia and saluted him for all the support given to The Gambia’s development.

President Jammeh then paid homage to the outstanding services of outgoing Ambassador Chang and wished him all the best in his future endeavours.

Mousa Gibril Bala Gaye, secretary of state for Finance and Economic Affairs, described the relations between The Gambia and Taiwan as cordial. He also hailed the numerous loans and grant assistance secured from the government of Taiwan in support of The Gambia. He then assured that The Gambia will continue to collaborate with Taiwan and expressed hope that the government of Taiwan will also continue her support to The Gambia.

Dr Omar Alieu Touray, secretary of state for Foreign Affairs said Ambassador Chang has demonstrated in many ways, the qualities of a fine diplomat noting that over the years, he has indicated that despite the distance between the two states, one person can bridge the gap. He also paid homage to the successes registered by Dr Chang and expressed hope that the diplomatic relations between the two states will continue. He also thanked him for the support rendered to The Gambia over the years.

In response, Dr Patrick Chang, the outgoing Ambassador, saluted President Jammeh for the conducive environment accorded him since his arrival in The Gambia which enabled him to successfully complete his three-year diplomatic mission in The Gambia.

According to him, he had learnt a lot from President Jammeh during his stay in The Gambia and hailed his efforts in visiting Taiwan twice during his tenure in office. “I was also very delighted to accompany you in October 2005 and December 2007 respectively to visit Taipei. You were always inspired and we appreciate that as well” he said.

He then described the Gambian people as hospitable and generous noting that he will never forget his tenure in The Gambia and then assured of the continued Taiwan support to The Gambia.

Author: by Alhagie Jobe