APRC Bigwig Cautions Militants

Thursday, October 18, 2007

In the build-up to the much-hyped 2007 Local Government elections, a stalwart of the ruling APRC party has issued a strongly-worded statement, calling on those making up the rank and file of APRC party to play their cards well in order to ensure a thundering success in the 24 January polls.

Mr Momodou Turo Darboe forecasted a landslide victory for the APRC in the forthcoming LG election, adding that indications are there to speak for themselves. He cited the numerous development accomplishments of the APRC government under the visionary leadership of Dr Alhaji Yahya Jammeh.

Mr Darboe however expressed disquiet with some APRC militants who he described as selfish politicians, adding that their behaviour, if left unchecked, could cause more harm than good to the APRC party.

He said: “We are aware that certain unscrupulous persons have started poisoning the minds of the electorate and imposing candidates on them. We know them and will soon expose them if they don’t desist from their practice. We don’t want a recurrence of defectors from our party to contest as independent candidates.

“These are the elements that bring about confusion within the party. Candidates should not be nominated based on nepotism but efficiency, patriotism, possess leadership qualities and one who put the party first before any other thing should be considered as potential candidates.”

For Modou Darboe, the APRC will nominate credible and result-oriented persons that will serve the interest of the party at the grassroots level and be a winner against any opponent.

Darboe expressed appreciation to SoS Ismaila Sambou for his leadership qualities, efficiency and hardwork in the manner in which he administered his state department. “Many Gambians have served in this position, but we have witnessed positive changes during his tenure. I believe he is the right man for this position and therefore I salute him for his development efforts. “We have seen the rapid development projects undertaken by the local councils thanks to Sambou and his team for the execution of these projects,” he stated. This time around we want the APRC to retain all the 17 seats in a landslide victory,” he asserted

Digressing, Mr Darboe refuted speculations that KMC has instituted a management committee to oversee the affairs of the councillors. “The councillors are still the elected representatives of the people,” he said, warning that if their members are not united during the internal nomination of candidates, the APRC would lose to either the opposition or independent candidates.

Source: The Point